Hot and Cold

nedaspigot-thWhen I was little I used to imagine that the hot and cold water worked like this:
Cold water was piped in and there was a whole crew managing the operation. As you turned the cold water to a colder position the water had to come from further north until finally it came from an iceberg near the North Pole. This was the best water to drink. Then if you selected hot water the crew had to switch operations and get the water from the South where it got hotter and hotter until finally it came from a stream in the jungles of the Amazon. This water was boiling hot. The crew had a tough job and I imagined them calling down the line — “we need colder water come on get the stuff from the iceberg. Watch out for killer whales!” or “We need hotter water get down to that stream in the jungle and watch out for snakes!” They served … and with dedication. I salute them.


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