Non-Dairy Reincarnation

Ugh. So tired that I can barely write however write I must in order to mark the time before I shuffle off the mortal coil.  It must be amazing when the inner monologue stops at the time of death. Then again, there are those that never have it going. If they never have it going (the inner monologue) then they must be closer to death in the sense that they understand the final silence. But what if it’s just more of the same when you die? There are people all over in their graves thinking thinking thinking continue to think about what they did, even what they’ll do now that they’re dead and finally have more free time. That is, if they are not reincarnated. Wouldn’t that be a bitch? You finally have time to collect your thoughts and all of sudden you’re an Irish Setter. I wouldn’t doubt it. Tell me if you find out.


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