Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Road Less Traveled

Is there really “a road less traveled” when any hour of the day the traffic is unbearable and the bike path is loaded with lunatics on segways? Why don’t you write the mayor? someone says as if that will do anything. I’d get my pea coat on and head out to sea if it wasn’t full of trash.  Stay at home and watch tv maybe there’s something good on or take to the Internet and watch people chase their tails and see the circular arguments go round and round and round (fuck you NO fuck you etc. etc. etc.).  The age of overrun is upon us where every idea has been used and everything and everyone is overwhelmed by the sheer mass of people, ideas, crap, shit that surrounds us. We have to get off this planet which is about to collapse from the sheer weight of all the stupidity.  One final stupid song or billy the bigmouth bass novelty item and this whole thing is going to collapse.  The world will end not in some great conflagration but in the groaning agony of not be able to support one more vacuous idea, thing, saying whatever you want to call it. It will wear down and just finally stop with a creak and a whimper. 


Monkey and the Engineer

ImageThere is a song called Monkey and the Engineer. The Engineer leaves the train unattended and the Monkey drives the train. It’s too late for the Engineer to stop the Monkey. It turns out that the Monkey can handle the train and the Engineer is probably out of a job.  John Henry couldn’t keep up with the machine. He died trying.  The Engineer is being replaced by a Monkey. This apparently is not as tragic. No one dies but then again the Engineer has learned valuable information about his job — his life’s work — a monkey can do it.  On the other hand, the Monkey has realized his potential: he is self-actualized.  Can a monkey do your job?