Dan holds an MFA in acting from  UCLA and is a graduate of The Second City, IO and Annoyance training programs. He has worked as a playwright, actor, director and producer. He is interested in traditional forms of improv (Commedia dell’Arte and Spolin Games) and experimenting with interactive digital media.  Dan  organized Antonio Fava’s first visit to Chicago and has worked with Fava since organizing and participating in workshops and projects. He attended and presented at  Fava’s Stage Internazionale di Commedia dell’Arte in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  He co-curated the exhibit The Papers of Viola Spolin at Northwestern University.

Dan works at the Northwestern University Library’s Digital Collections department as a Multimedia Services Specialist. He was the project manager for The Masks of Antonio Fava ( and was the 2009 Library Kaplan Fellow.  His research topic was The Future of Improv. He is a Fellow at the Wayne V. and Elizabeth R. Jones Fine and Performing Arts Residential College.