Over the years I have worked as a writer, director actor, producer of theatre.
My  present interests are in what I call “Roots Improv” which is Commedia dell’Arte and Spolin games and also interactive digital technology (some call this dramatic media).  Here are my current and past projects

   The Solo Show
I am working on a Commedia solo show at present that will include some of my favorite masks. The title of the show is Once upon a time in Commedia

Co-Curator, Papers of Viola Spolin
I currently co-curating an exhibit concerning the papers of Viola Spolin. The exhibit will be present at the Northwestern University Library.

Studio Z  1992 – 2007
I founded and was Artistic Director of Studio Z.  The company started out as a play reading group but then went on to work with multimedia and the Internet. Studio Z was the first company to use the Internet for a playwright exchange and also hosted one of the first sites featuring Chicago theaters (at the time only a handful of theatre had websites).  As part of Studio Z, I wrote plays for a variety of digital stages: virtual worlds, game type environments, mono and 3D projected stages and even Jim Mayhercy’s Digital Kitchen: a dinner theatre that featured a live tv studio next door.  I also played in these environments.

The Rough Theater
I co-founded The Rough Theater with Brent Morris and Jennie Webb. The Rough Theater first performed on the Venice Beach boardwalk and then went on to perform in L.A’s first fringe festival. I co-directed and acted in the first show.


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