The Ticket
Multimedia improvisational comedy scenario. Presented by Studio Z at
the Breadline Theatre. (Chicago, November, 2002 and July, 2003).
Presented in association with the University of Georgia Department of the
Theatre and Film at the Second City Training Center (Chicago, 2005)

The Canine Conundrum
Selected by the Abydos Theatre Company for its 2nd Annual Feast of One Page Plays. (San Francisco, September, 2002)

The 57th  Layer
Presented as part of the City of Chicago’s Project Millennium.
The play tells the story of Enrico Fermi and the development of the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. (Chicago, 2000)

A play about Chicago’s first non-native settler. Presented at the
Chicago Historical Society and Red Path Theater. Also presented as part of the
first Juneteenth Festival at the University of Louisville. (1997). Presented at
Northwestern University as part of a CIRA funded project (2004).

Into The Light
The story of an Assiniboine Indian’s journey to meet the President
of the United States. Produced in Los Angeles and the American Conservatory
Theater in San Francisco (Plays in Progress series). The play received a staged
reading at the Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago. “Into the Light” was listed in
TCG’s Play Source. Script was used for a contemporary playwrights class at San
Jose State University. Honorable mention – Cunningham Prize (1997)

Pure Life 
Received reading at Studio Z and was later broadcast on local cable
television. (1996)

The Berry Sisters
Received presentations at Studio Z in Chicago and at the
South Australian Writer’s Theatre in Adelaide. The play was part of a U.S.-
Australia play development workshop. (1995)

No Train Info! 
10 minute play which received a reading at Studio Z. (1994)


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“Borderline Love”
“My Father”
“The Italian Bathroom”


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